Milecastle Class 4

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The school nurse visited our class and helped us to think about the different relationships we have. We worked together and discussed what it means to be a good friend.


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We were very lucky to be given the opportunity to take part in a yoga taster session. It was a lovely, calm way to end the afternoon.


Some of us visited CHADCA playgroup as part of our Everyday Magic project. We read stories to the young children and played with them. I think some of us enjoyed playing with the toys a little too much!


Some of us read stories to the children in Reception class. We used lovely clear voices and asked the children lots of questions about the stories.


During our Everyday Magic graduation ceremony, we described all the wonderful things we had been doing to make other people, as well as ourselves, feel happy and became official ‘Everyday Magicians’!

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We made some beautiful bracelets and key rings to sell at ‘Milecastle’s Christmas Market’. They proved to be extremely popular and we were sold out in no time at all!


Our Christmas lunch was delicious!


We enjoyed learning the songs for our Key Stage 2 Christmas production of ‘The Hoity Toity Angel’. Some of us also had dancing parts.

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We all enjoyed performing our class assembly about Ancient Egypt and we hope you enjoyed watching it!

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In maths, we collected our own data and presented it in a bar chart. We then thought of questions we could ask in order to interpret the data.

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We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Durham Oriental Museum where we learned more about life and death in Ancient Egypt. During the day, we had the opportunity to handle real Ancient Egyptian artefacts. We all thought it was amazing to think that Ancient Egyptian people from thousands of years ago had used the objects that we were holding! We also explored the artefacts on display in the Wolfson Gallery and completed activities linked to them. After lunch, we were taken to see a real Ancient Egyptian mummy in a sarcophagus then we ended the day by acting out the mummification process and the Weighing of the Heart ceremony.

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